Vintage Collectible Dollhouse Half-Timber Framed Furnished

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Large vintage dollhouse representative of a traditional German method of building with timbers that was used extensively for town houses of the German medieval period.  Exterior of the building is half-timbered where the infill between timbers is used for decorative effect.  Gingerbread gable end of the building is constructed with a series of steps along the roof slope but independent of the simple hip roof with steep downward slope from ridge to eaves.

Dollhouse is all original and sturdy; hinged at the center back for easy open, close and storage; and furnished. Purchased after1950's in Germany.  Handmade plywood construction with 4 levels. 12 rooms total furnished as 2 bedrooms, 3  bathrooms, 2 living areas, 3 eating areas, 1 kitchen, and 1 music room. Dollhouse measures 27" tall (at the peak) by 14" wide when closed. Dollhouse measures 32” wide when fully open. Comes with all furniture and accessories depicted, as well as 4 dolls in Bavarian costume (father, mother, son and daughter). Dolls measure 4" tall.

Furnishings include many vintage wooden Schoenhut furniture pieces and other accessories of unidentified manufacture.  Most, except the dolls appear washable.  All painted furnishings have original paint.  These have been loved by a 2-3 generations but most pieces are in very good to excellent condition.  One or two pieces may be considered good condition.

 Features :

  • Finish: Plywood
  • Style:  German Medieval Half-Timber Framed
  • Roof:  Hip With Steep Downward Slope from Ridge to Eaves
  • Trim:  Gingerbread Gable
  • Many Schoenhut furnishings
  • Dolls include Family of Four
Specifications :
  • House Dimensions : 27” Tall x 14” Wide When Closed
  • House Dimensions: 27" Tall x 32" Wide When Fully Open
  • Dolls: 4 with Each~4" tall
  • Furnishings:
    • Bathrooms:  3 with 9 total wooden furnishings (sinks, tubs, commodes)
    • Bedrooms:  2 with12 total wooden furnishings (2 beds and 1 set pillow and throw, 1 dresser, 1 vanity/chair set, 1 bedside table and lamp, 1 clothes hamper, 2 chairs, 2 oil lamps) Also includes one window with curtains furnishing.
    • Living Rooms:  2 with 13 total wooden furnishings (2 sofas, 3 easy chairs, 1 ottoman, 1 radio console, 1 piano, 1 piano lamp, 2 end tables with lamps) Also includes 2 metal floor lamps, and 1 fuzzy throw rug.
    • Family Room: 1 with 10 total wooden furnishings (1 sofa, 1 easy chair and 1 ottoman, 1 side table, 1 fireplace mantel, 1 game table and 4 chairs) Also includes 1 metal floor lamp and one popcorn bowl.
    • Breakfast Room:  1 with 5 total wooden furnishings (1 table, 3 dining chairs, 1 grandfather clock, 1 metal side chair, 1 3-piece canister set, 2 food boxes (Birds Eye and Hart Beans)
    • Dining/Sewing Room:  1 with 9 total wooden items (1 work table with 4 chairs, 1 sewing table, 1 sewing machine, 1 radio console, 1 bowl on table)
    • Kitchen:  1 with 2 total wooden items (1 sink, 1 stove)
    • Music Room: 1 with 2 total wooden furnishings (1 piano, 1 piano chair, 1 blackboard)
  • Product Weight : 50lbs. (Rough estimate as it stands)

Dollhouse, dolls, and furnishings are popular collectibles.  However, they are also meant to be played with and are suitable for children who are old enough to not put toys in their mouths.

All furnishings and accessories shown inside the dollhouse are included in the purchase price.   Other items depicted in photos are not included in this purchase.  Packing and shipping are not included in purchase price. 

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