Victorian Bride and Groom Doll's Wedding on Sunday in the Park - Wedding Arch, Real Hair

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This vintage bride and groom dolls standing in the wedding arch are celebrating on Sunday in the Park.

This grouping includes a beautiful couple and a wooden wedding arch with pink satin climbing roses.

The bride is wearing a peach dress decorated with white lace and a pink satin belt. The shades of peach/pink/white are repeated on her fancy feathered hat. Bride to be has long curly brown real human hair, a lovely hand painted bisque head, and bendable shoulders and hips. Hands and feet (complete with black heels!) are made of plastic.

The groom doll is made of similar construction, with bisque head and plastic hands and feet. He also has movable shoulder and hip joints. The groom is wearing a fine grey wool suit with embroidered maroon vest. His hair is a dark brown shade, hand painted much like his eyes and smart mustache.

These two are dressed to impress and will not disappoint. 

  • Finish: Bisque, Fabric, and Painted Wood
  • Set Includes Bride and Groom Doll and Decorated Wedding Arch.  PLEASE NOTE:  A picture of the entire "Sunday in the Park" collection is included for information.  Pieces of this set other than those included with this set are included for information and context but are for sale separately on this website by searching "Sunday in the Park."
Specifications :
    • Doll Dimensions : 5 1/2” Tall
    • Arch Dimensions : 10” Tall
    • Product Weight : 2.0 lbs. (Rough estimate as it stands but packed shipping weight would be higher)

    This sale is for the Bride and Groom Dolls and the decorated wedding arch. Other items depicted in photos are not included in this purchase.  Packing and shipping are not included in purchase price.