Old Plantation Flats Light Greeting Card | Langley Deagle

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Langley Deagle is renowned for many different types of artwork. However, one of his largest and most impressive endeavors is the set of works dedicated to pen and ink renditions of the old lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay. Most of these lighthouses are no longer standing and all his work is pieced together from historic photos and hours of research. Once he finishes his research, he produces a gorgeous final piece showing the lighthouse in its former glory. Now, these pieces are available as greeting cards, and you can buy them individually (card and envelope) or as a set. Share the joy of these works with others by sending them a beautiful card in the mail.

This card offering is of the “Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse, which was built in 1886 as a white rectangular screw pile with a tower on the roof. The lighthouse was located at the entrance to the channel leading to Cape Charles, Virginia and Old Plantation Creek. The lighthouse had an unusual foundation construction with a combination of screw pile and concrete pylons. The lighthouse was damaged in 1893 by ice flows and the fifth-order Fresnel lens was destroyed. A month later a new fifth-order lens was installed. The lighthouse was once again damaged by ice flows in 1918 and was later reinforced with concrete. The lighthouse was deactivated in 1962 and dismantled. It was replaced with an automated steel skeleton tower built on the original foundation.

An exact replica was built in 2004 at the Bay Creek Resort & Golf Club, Cape Charles, VA, in a man-made lake along the shores of Chesapeake Bay, just two miles from the original station.” https://cheslights.org/old-plantation-flats/