Enamel Covered Metal Miniature Birdcage from the Sunday in the Park Collection

Regular price $22.00

Sale is for a white enamel covered metal bird cage on a gold-painted stand.  Bird cage sits on the stand but they can be separated so that the cage could be used in another way such as by suspending from an overhead fixture. A bright red and green parrot is inside the bird cage.  Cage does not open.


Features :
  • Finish: Enamel over metal
  • Set includes birdcage with parrot.  PLEASE NOTE:  A picture of the entire "Sunday in the Park" collection is included for information.  Pieces of this set other than those included with this set are included for information and context but are for sale separately on this website by searching "Sunday in the Park."
Specifications :
  • Overall Dimensions : 5” Tall x 2” Diameter
  • Product Weight : 1/4 lbs. (Rough estimate as it stands but packed shipping weight would be higher)

This sale is for the miniature enamel covered metal.  Other items depicted in photos are not included in this purchase.  Packing and shipping are not included in purchase price.