Victorian Doll Family Dressed for Sunday in the Park (Dad, Mom, Daughter and Baby Girl)- Real Hair, Garden Table & Chairs; Tea Set

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This vintage doll family is all dressed up for Sunday in the Park.

- The mother has real human hair, with the brown curls reaching her waist. She has a beautiful hand painted face on her bisque head. She is wearing a white satin dress with blue lace trim. Her black sun bonnet is decorated with blue pins and feathers. She has movable shoulder and hip joints. Her hands and feet are made of plastic and she is wearing black heels.

- The father doll also has a delicate hand painted face on a bisque head. He is wearing a blue and white gingham pattern suit with a black fur collar detail.

- Their older daughter also has brunette real human hair, which she has styled in braided pig tails with white ribbons. Her adorable sailor style dress is perfectly paired with white cotton pants and crisp white shoes. A bit of mischief can be seen in her sweet painted expression.

- The baby girl is quite the vision in her pink satin dress with white lace overlay and bonnet. Her precious white shoes finish off her dainty feminine look. She also has a bisque head with plastic hands and feet.

All four dolls have movable shoulder and hip joints, and bisque heads with realistic hand painted faces. Only the Mother and older daughter have real human hair. The father and baby have hair that is painted on.

In addition to the doll family, this sale also includes the (1) white enameled garden table and 4 matching chairs that are filigreed with delicate and intricate ornamental work (emulates wicker but is metal); (2) a miniature tea service for two that mother and father can enjoy while the children play; and (3) a baby girl's pacifier.

 Features :

  • Finish: Porcelain and Fabric
  • Set Includes Mother, Father, Daughter, Baby Doll, Enameled Filigreed Picnic Table and 4 Chairs, Miniature Tea Set, and Pacifier.  PLEASE NOTE:  A picture of the entire "Sunday in the Park" set is included for information.  Pieces of this set other than those included with this set are for sale separately on this website by searching "Sunday in the Park."
Specifications :
    • Mother and Father Dimensions : 5 1/2” Tall
      • Daughter Dimensions : 3” Tall
        • Baby Dimensions:  2" Tall
          • Picnic Table Dimensions:  2 1/2" Tall x 3 1/2" Diameter
          • Picnic Chair Dimensions:  3" Tall at Back x 1 1/2" Wide Seat
          • Product Weight : 3 lbs. (Rough estimate as it stands but packed shipping weight would be higher)

          This sale is for Mother, Father, Daughter, Baby Girl Dolls, Enameled Picnic Table and 4 Chairs, Miniature Tea Service, and Pacifier.   Other items depicted in photos are for information and/or context but are not included in this purchase.  Packing and shipping are not included in purchase price.