Old Cape Henry Light Greeting Card | Langley Deagle

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Langley Deagle is renowned for many different types of artwork. However, one of his largest and most impressive endeavors is the set of works dedicated to drawing the old lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay. Most of these lighthouses are no longer standing, although this one is, and all his work is pieced together from historic photos and hours of research. Once he finishes his research, he produces a gorgeous final piece showing the lighthouse in its former glory. Now, these pieces are available as greeting cards, and you can buy them individually (card and envelope) or as a set. Share the joy of these works with others by sending them a beautiful card in the mail.

This card offering is for the “Old Cape Henry Light, which was completed in 1792 at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The light was an octagonal structure with three windows in the east and four windows in the west rising 72 feet from the water table to the top of the stonework. The two-story house to be a residence for the keeper and for safe storage of the oil to be used for the light was also to be constructed. The light first consisted of oil lamps burning in turn fish oil, sperm oil, colza oil, lard oil, and finally kerosene after the discovery of petroleum in Pennsylvania in 1859.

In 1857 the lighthouse was provided with a dioptric Fresnel lens. However, the fixed white light was confusing and in 1922 Cape Henry light’s characteristic was changed to a distinctive group flashing light. During the Civil War, the lantern of Cape Henry lighthouse was destroyed by Confederate raiders. It was back in operation by 1863 and protected by a military guard detailed from Fortress Monroe.

By 1872 the old tower had developed cracks in the walls and it was decided to rebuild. The new cast iron tower was completed in 1881 but the old tower continued to stand and was deeded to the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities in 1930. Through additional repairs, including some sustained during the 2011 earthquake, the old lighthouse can still be seen. Hours of operation and admission prices can be found on the Preservation Virginia website.” https://cheslights.org/cape-henry-old-lighthouse/