Langley Deagle's Historic Lighthouse Postcards

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Local artist, Langley Deagle, is renowned for many different types of artwork. However, one of his largest and most impressive endeavors is the set of works dedicated to pen and ink drawings of the old lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay. Most of these lighthouses are no longer standing and Mr. Deagle's work consisted of reconstructing the picture from historic photos and hours of library research. Once he finishes his research, Mr. Deagle produces a gorgeous final piece showing the lighthouse in its former glory.  These  are now available as 5" by 7" postcards on heavy, textured, and vintage looking white card stock, Share the joy of these works with others by sending them in the mail, giving them as gifts, or framing them for a wonderful wall display.  New in package. (SKU #A4-46)