Doll Family of Four Ready for Sunday in the Park- Mother, Father, Son, and Daughter - Real Hair, Wooden Swing

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This sale is for four dolls and one wooden swing. All four dolls have movable hip and shoulder joints, beautiful hand painted faces on bisque heads, and plastic hands and feet.

The two female (Mother and Daughter) dolls have real blonde human hair. The two children are dressed in traditional Bavarian styles of the 1800's. The son is wearing gray lederhosen with green detailing, a pink collared undershirt, white stockings and white shoes. The daughter is adorned by a cerulean blue dress that has gorgeous white detailing with a white apron attached. Her lovely blonde hair is tied into braided buns that are attached to the sides of her head. Similar to her brother, she is wearing white stockings with small white shoes.

The Mother is wearing a beautifully embroidered emerald green dress with two black buttons and a white lace undershirt. The top of her head is covered by an emerald green bonnet that has gray fur trim. Her petite shoulders are adorned by a red fox fur stole. She is wearing small black heels that tie wonderfully into the black buttons.

The father is wearing a black wool coat that has gray fur trim along the collar. Underneath his coat is a white collared shirt and a black tie. His pants are hounds-tooth patterned and reach to his ankles. He is wearing black Church-style shoes.

The wooden swing is white and can fit either child. 

  • Finish: Bisque and Fabric Dolls; Painted Wood Swing
  • Set Includes Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, and Swing.  PLEASE NOTE:  A picture of the entire "Sunday in the Park" set is included for information. Pieces of this set other than those included with this set are for sale separately on this website by searching "Sunday in the Park."

Specifications :

    • Mother and Father Dimensions : 5 1/2” Tall
    • Boy Dimensions : 3 1/2”
    • Girl Dimensions:  2 3/4"
    • Swing Dimensions:  6 2/10" Tall
    • Product Weight : 2 lbs. (Rough estimate as it stands but packed shipping weight would be higher)

    This sale is for the Mother, Father, Son and Daughter dolls and the wood swing.  Other items depicted in photos are provided for information and/or context and are not included in this purchase.  Packing and shipping are not included in purchase price.