Victorian Au Pair and Baby Dolls Ready for Sunday in the Park - Real Hair, Pram

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This vintage Au Pair doll walking a baby in pram are ready for Sunday in the Park.

This grouping includes Victorian Au Pair, baby, and pram.

The Au Pair has bisque head and real human hair in a strawberry blonde shade, a beautiful hand painted face featuring gentle brown eyes and a gentle flush across her cheeks.  Au Pair is wearing a traditional ankle length blue cotton dress with a white lace trimmed apron and bonnet. Sturdy work shoes are at the end of her bendable cotton wrapped legs. Plastic hands adorn her flexible arms, also wire wrapped in cotton.

The baby is a hand painted bisque female with moveable shoulders and hips. Baby is wearing a long white lace gown and bonnet over her white stockings and black shoes. Pram is metal with moving wheels. 

Features :
  • Finish: Bisque, Fabric, and Metal
  • Set Includes Maid and Baby Dolls and Metal Baby Pram.  PLEASE NOTE:  A picture of the entire "Sunday in the Park" collection is included for information.  Pieces of this set other than those included with this set are for sale separately on this website by searching "Sunday in the Park."
Specifications :
    • Maid Dimensions : 5 1/2” Tall
    • Baby Dimensions:  3 1/2" Tall
    • Buggy Dimensions : 6” Long from Front to Handle
    • Product Weight : 1.5 lbs. (Rough estimate as it stands but packed shipping weight would be higher)

    This sale is for Au Pair and Baby Dolls plus the pram. Other items depicted in photos are included for information and/or context only and are not included in this purchase.  Packing and shipping are not included in purchase price.